Incorporating Body Image

Having a realistic and acceptable image of one’s own body and its limits. This principle invites you to work towards being able to live in harmony with your own body image.

The Principle of Objective Reality

This consists of being more objective with regards to yourself, others and your environment without having any judgement but simply considering things for what they are. 

The Principle of Positive Action

This consists of being aware of the consequences that your actions have, whilst trying to keep hold on the positive aspects as well as seeing the value in them. It is also the idea that all positive effects on the mind have positive repercussions on the body and vice...


Sophrology and sleep

Sophrology helps people with difficulty falling asleep or waking up during the night. It is effective in mild cases of exhausting and stressful lifestyle or poor bedtime habits. Each of these disorders can be treated with relaxation and breathing exercises. To these...