When was this discipline created?

It was born in the 1960s, under the leadership of a neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo. It is a psychological approach on the body, which helps relax the body and mind. It draws its sources from yoga, meditation and relaxation.

What pillars is it based on?

Sophrology is based on relaxation (muscle relaxation), breathing (entry route to relaxation), and visualisation.

What do we mean by “visualisation”?

It is about recalling happy memories of the past to transform our vision of being. We learn to positively anticipate an anxiety-provoking situation. Visualisation can also help to project yourself into the future, in a positive way, seeing yourself in good health and...

What are the benefits of relaxation therapy?

The physical benefits are physical relaxation and muscle relaxation (head to toe). It is a real energy recharge. Relaxation of the body enables relaxation of the mind. Beyond a greater well-being, the immune system improves as well as sleep disorders. This relaxation...

Should we do sessions regularly?

Regular practice is very important in the case of chronic or degenerative diseases such as cancer. The act of practicing more frequently makes it possible to calm the mind, to better manage stress and to be able to name the emotions (anger, sadness,...